3D Laser Scanning

3D Scanning is the latest technology that has been developed in the context of upgrading fingerprints (electronically) and mainly concerns the science of the surveyor engineer, because the first information obtained in the field and addressed to all scientific services ( topographic, urban, architectural, traffic-transport and civil engineering works) is the most important and in the electronic age we live in, it was impossible for the mainly electronic service of recent years not to cooperate with the science of the surveying engineer.

With 3D Scanning, it is possible to capture and design all objects (buildings, roads, technical works, dams, bridges, ships, railway network, land (densely built or sparsely built), airports, refineries, etc.), which are of interest to engineering sciences in general.

The difference between 3D Scanning and conventional measurements lies in the accuracy (less than 6 mm), the print speed combined with the design and the quality of the result produced.


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