The office of Thanassis E. Mitsikostas & Associates is based in Volos (93 Feraou str. - Koutarelia) and was founded in 1989.

Much of Mr Thanassis Mitsikostas' military training was in the Army Geographical Service, where training was specifically in the processing of aerial photography, triangulation, and large-scale landmarks and applications of title deeds in relation to public and private land and landowners.

In 2003, Mr. Thanassis Mitsikostas passed the Civil Aviation Written Examination and, after being certified and certified by certified trainers, received his Pilot Certificate in General Aviation (PPL).

Flight times and the flight experience gained with the assistance of experienced trainers (Messrs. Anastasiadis, Pantzias, Savvopoulos, etc.) in relation to the production of aerial photography for various occasions (fires in Magnesia, Volos aircraft, a / Euboea, Lake Plastiras, Horefto & Parisaas, etc., have pushed the company to create and produce services that relate to any object produced after aerial photography.


The development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, drones) as well as software to produce results after aerial photography was the reason for the development of the object by Thanasis E. Mitsikostas. The pioneering integration of the field of study from the production of aerial photography and their treatment with corresponding programs enables Thanasis E. Mitsikostas & Associates to upgrade the production of services to objects whose main philosophy is innovation and continuous monitoring. the developments in the science of Topography and all the related sciences that are scientifically related to the science of Topography.

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